Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bharat pal-pal 'roya' hai

I wrote this poem some four-five years back. I've tried to mention how India is suffering from several problems like corruption, illiteracy etc. And I hope you'd like this poem that I wrote when I was in 11th standard. IT was published in Dainik Tribune....SO here it is.....

Aazaad bhale hi ho gya,
Par gehri neend mein so gya...
Sone ki pyaari chidiyako,
Bhrasht mantriyon ne nochliya...
Aise bhrasht netaon ne bharat ke,
Sammaan ko duboyaa hai...
Bharat Pal-Pal Roya hai...
Pyar-Mohabbat ki baatein jahan,
Mann ko moh liya karti thi…
Jahan desh ki shaan bachaane ko,
Striyaan bhi khushi se marti thi…
Chir-Sajag rehne waala kyu ab,
Gehri neend mein soya hai…
Bharat Pal-Pal Roya Hai…
Jiski bhoomi ki godi mein,
Heere-Sone ki khaanein thi…
Jahan desh bachaane ki khaatir,
Yahan Laakhon haazir jaanein thi…
Arbon –Kharbon ke maalik ne,
Kya khoya hai, Kya paya hai…
                        Bharat Pal-Pal Roya Hai…
Jis Bharat desh ki bhoomi par,
Tha veeron ne avtar lia…
Jahan ‘Bhagat’ se veer purush ne tha,
Partantartaa ko maar dia…
Us shaan ko ooncha rakhne ka,
Hamne sapna sanjoya hai…
            Bharat Pal-Pal Roya Hai…

                                                -Gautam Joshi

Monday, March 5, 2012

She's MINE and I'll get HER at any cost

Every person in his/her life has a love(even some people have more than one :) ). Life seems like a luxurious journey in a first class flight when our love is with us but life becomes a burden when your love is apart. I’ve seen people hiding their love from everyone even from the person whom they love. This is the biggest mistake of their life I’d say, because you can’t afford to keep this feeling inside you and expect to get what you want. Some or the other day you’ll have to come up with the challenge to show the strength and depth of your love.
Someone has beautifully said, “Love is a divine feeling”, I completely agree.I mean I've no reason to disagree.I too have gone through this phase or I should say going through this feeling. But unlike others I’m not gonna keep the secrets inside me. I know she might get some objections after reading her but I’m confident enough that at last I’d be the one with whom she’d be standing in front of the world.
Let me start from the beginning, five-six years back I first met her and no doubt I was ecstatic. I got crazy about her and started to do everything what it took to get her.My possessiveness and determination paid and guess what!! She was with me. She said to me, “Gautam, you deserve me. I can feel your possessiveness and love for me. I’m yours.” I used to laugh a lot in front of everyone with her. I soon realized that people were so much jealous to see her with me. Everyone was in love with her from the very first sight. She was very charming and everyone used to dream of having her with them. But I was fool to react in the way that I used. Instead of strengthening my bond with her I started boasting and slowly changed from a conscious person to an overconfident guy. I thought “there’s no one deserving her more than me”; this was the thought that made my life to change. How fool I was to think of having my ownership over her.
An author rightly said, “It’s difficult to get what you want, but it’s even more difficult to maintain your right for the same.”I was at the top of the world, not realizing that everyone around me was conspirator. No one was happy to see me with her. She warned me but I was still an over-confident chap with nothing to worry attitude. And one day I fought with her badly because she was too much worrying about others. She was very angry and upset at my behavior and of course she should be. That day I was totally unaware of what actually the outcome of my attitude could be.
My life was again going to change soon. Luck of someone else’s was soon going to separate her from me.I was scared, called her but she was busy, talked to my friends but they told that I was no match for her anymore. I was down. I was not even able to inhale the air. We were separate again.I realized that she’s gone, gone far away. From that day to now, she rarely meets me. I’m very emotional by heart. Even today, whenever she meets me I get very much sentimental. Even though I can see her, I can see how far she’s from me, I can feel the painful distance between me and HER, I can realize how valuable her presence was in my life, I can realize that how important is she yet I’m not able to get her back. I’m trying my hardest and I’m determined that I’ll get her back soon. I know it’s tough to get her back after breaking her heart once but I WILL DO ANYTHING to get her back.
I take it as the biggest lesson from life that “never go over-delighted and over-confident after getting what you want, because life is full of examinations, treat yourself as an examinee only and don’t try to go beyond your dimensions”. Today, Gautam is living for two reasons only:

             To make my parents feel happy at every moment of life

And for the very much important REASON:

             To get her back into my life. I want people to call her name with mine.

It takes courage to accept the challenge. And she taught me that behind every challenge, there’s always something special for you.
Today, I can say that I’m not over-confident; I don’t work on intuitions and predictions, I’m being pragmatic,I believe that your strength can be your weakness if you’d lose self-control, consistency in your efforts, determination and most importantly being realistic.My friends say, “She looks beautiful with you and you look beautiful with her”, this strengthens my passion for her. People around me expect more and more from me, even more than my potential.
In the coming lines I’d be revealing her identity, but before it I’d suggest you some things which are actually the learning by me. Guys, never change your attitude towards your love. Your love must be always at your priority, the top most priority. And as I always say that people will break you, shake you, fake you, but how strongly you come up is what actually makes you. Believe in yourself, believe in your efforts, believe in your determination, believe in your potential, believe in the almighty and you’ll be at the destination which always struck hard in your mind.Life is too short to think about others and to waste your time in thinking about what others are planning. It’s your life and only you’d be responsible and accountable for the outcomes you face. Don’t get yourself an attitude which can raise negative powers against you.
In front of you all, I commit that I love her madly and soon my love would get her back for me. She’s none other than “success”. Yes!! You read it right, I love success and this whole story was about her only. You might be wandering and guessing names earlier but my first crush success and I’m not gonna back down without getting her back. This or the other day, I’d be making my parents proud of me and soon Me and My Love would face the world together.
I hope that you might learn something from this experience of mine.Thanks for your time. And remember that your first love should be your GOAL, not Emma Watson or Penelope Cruz :p :D……………

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

People say “Never insult the alligator until you’ve crossed the river…” & I say “Never insult the bridge once you’ve crossed the river…”

“Oji mera puttar ta badaa intelligent ae, oh ta saadi kismat maadi c k ae ‘ghatiya’ college ch admission laena peya. Shukar ae k aene mehnat karke changgi job laelai, nahi taa aeho jahe college chon paddke kidi job laggu!!!”
I’ve often seen people so confident about themselves or their ward that insulting the college is a regular practice by them. Every parent today thinks that their child is a born genius. They think that they’re unlucky or misguided or betrayed that their ward is in so and so college. I’d say them SHUT-UP yar. Comeon! There’s nothing like ‘luck’ if you’re not trying at something. Luck is a by-product of hard-work.
No one is born genius, the word god-gifted may work but again for them only who come up with their real potential. I’m into the final year of my post-graduation, after it I’d be among the lakhs of MBA graduates. I’ve seen my college-mates often talking about the cons of our university, The Kurukshetra University. Every one of them presents himself like a gold plated jewelry accidently or unfortunately caught in a hammer-smith’s hands. They are those who were not even in a condition to clear their first semester exams with subject like business environment, business management and human behavior etc., they are those who never came in full dress code since the first day of college, they’re those who never cared about the elements like discipline, etiquettes, punctuality, obedience etc., they’re those who could be the students of arts and other fields but their parents trusted them and managed to put them into an institute with 50k per annum fee, they’re those whose graphs have significantly dropped down from the beginning and yet they’re “expert” enough to judge a 60 years old university merely after studying in a single department, they’re those who never collected their library tickets from the central library and never even risked to get into library to find the subject related books, they’re those who’re more familiar about the girls and their timings of leaving and entering their hostels than the lecture time-table and they’re those who’d never like to read this post of mine because they think that I’m an ‘over-optimistic’ person.
See, I won’t quote the names here, neither the purpose of this post is.My father says, “If you’re aiming at something then you’re actions should tell that you’re really aiming at it or in other words, your actions should meet your words.” Similarly, if a person wants to achieve something in life, he should be mentally and physically determined to do what it takes. The aim of this post is mine is to tell all those who just lack confidence because of their college and its reputation. I’m not at all saying, that KUK is not reputed or it lacks good education or it hasn’t good faculty. NO, I won’t criticize it. But, I’d say the winners of the battle don’t always have superior weapons but they’ve superior preparation, they’ve superior attitude, they’ve superior determination towards the goal and most importantly they depend on themselves more than the weapons and facilities. You get to have a strong belief in yourself as Anupam Kher beautifully said that The Best Thing About You Is “YOU”, so just focus at your skills and respect your teachers, respect your parents, respect and believe in the almighty and you’ll be qualified to be a successful person. I’ve seen many who were from a very low grade institute having merely AICTE recognition and they got placements at hefty packages and even I’ve seen some of them going at very good positions in a very short span. There’s no luck factor for them, they were just too much devoted to their goals that they came up with what the corporate looks for.
I’ve studied in management that a good manager is not that who looks out to gather more resources, but a good manager is someone who efficiently and effectively utilizes the available resources to get what he wants to get.You’ll need to be like ‘Bear Grylls’ of ‘Man vs Wild’ who doesn’t bother about the conditions and still survives in every situation(most of them are unfavorable). Learn as much as you can, use every resource provided to you and get best out of your potential.

          Therefore, not stretching more this first post of mine I’d say that “it’s not necessary that the conditions will always be in favor of you, it’s not necessary that you’ll be provided with the solutions of your every problem, it’s not necessary that the Lord will always take care of your comfort…….You’ll have to make your own path many times. And remember always that nothing should be bigger than your confidence, not the problem neither the fear of failure…………..And if anything is important, it’s your goal and your possessiveness for the same………….. :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I want to be different!!

Yes! I want to be different,different from others, not from all, but from many of all. One good thing about the people around me is that they regularly provide me with their feedbacks and remarks about the frank and blunt behavior of mine.See,I’m not artificial at what I behave like. I had never chosen to be a different personality but when I see that people run in a rat race and they love to be a part of the ‘bhed-chaal’, I quit at being like others. I admit that I agree very less to what people say, I admit that I can’t see people criticizing my thoughts because they’re influenced with someone else’s thoughts. My father says, “Your thoughts are anti-social(not because they’re unethical but because society doesn’t accept them easily)”. I also know that I can’t afford to be too much truthful in the society because people can easily take sweet poison but they resist listening the bitter truth. I’m not a philosopher neither I’m a big personality whom people will listen and would give their attention to, but I’ve always been confused that is it really tough to be real in the society? Why doesn’t the society accept anyone as he/she is? I don’t want to lose my real personality. My father, my brother, my friends and others are many times against what I chose to do and what I say. I’m not saying that they aren’t happy with me.
I’ve always been a follower of Sardar Bhagat Singh Ji. And this attachment has also made my wrong picture among others. What’s wrong if I hate ‘vinamrata’ at sensitive matters like security of motherland? What’s wrong if hate people promoting vinamrata at every place when we need to be aggressive? It’s totally out of my understanding that why people follow those who are the real reason behind a chaos.
So, once again I’ve chosen this platform to ooze out my frustration and my thoughts. At least I can be more frank, more truthful, more blunt and more of GAUTAM here. No offence.